We are honored to collaborate and signed a long-term partnership alongside TSC in providing our customers with more competitive product services with the opportunity to extensive care and sustainable after-sales chain ecosystem.
A timepiece is a highly complicated art piece that requires high precision skills and fine craftsmanship to make and maintain. However, in many occasions, many watch aficionados are unaware that a well-planned long-term upkeep and maintenance schedule is essential to ensure their invested timepieces are able to function at its best and in ideal working condition.
Making sure each timepiece created and produced from Artwist.Co have sustained lifecycle in product care and also after sales service, we have partnered with the most renowned watch technical expert, TSC. Timepiece Service Centre ("TSC") comprises of a team of dedicated and rich in experience watchmakers, technicians and reception service in the watch making, repairing and servicing industry.

TSC is hence, a specialist in watch service & maintenance and provide the required expertise in repairing and servicing a full range of watch brands with the mission to give our customers opportunity to enjoy high-quality services to order and receive the best products.


" With dynamic partnership, we want to build a community for watch lover; to be a place where not only we talk technicals, but we valued the intangibles too. We want to hear your stories, the memories; share your joy, your sorrows, the inheritance; the heritage values of your timepiece. In TSC, with every watch that you bring in, we have no prejudice and will take great strides to ensure that all will be treated equally by our team so that when you collect it later, the watch will be as good as new." - WP Lee, The Founder of TSC.


Address :
RL2.123, 2nd Floor, USJ 19 City Mall
Jalan Persiaran Kewajipan,
47630 Subang Selangor,
Tel : +6012 201 3988
Tel/Fax : +603 8011 3988
Email : enquiry@tscservice.my
SMS : +6016 668 4433
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Tuesday - Sunday
11:00 - 18:00

Monday & Public Holiday Close

Kindly visit TSC official website for more details and timepiece care options